2015 Conference Topic


The 2015 FIGS Conference theme, Rewriting, seeks to explore the multiple manifestations of a work throughout its lifetime. The rewriting process may entail the draft work of the original author pre-publication, the revisions of a work (both subtle and dramatic, author-authorized and unauthorized) in successive re-editions, translations and the inter-textual or adaptational re-appropriations by other authors and artists.

Rewriting not only applies to the initial production of a work, but also to its interpretation. We can conceive of literary criticism as a form of rewriting – a means of altering the reader’s relationship with the text and reshaping its meaning. Of course, rewriting is not the exclusive prerogative of academics. Works are also appropriated by other artists and transformed into other mediums – adapted and rewritten into film, theater, graphic novels, and television series. By considering processes of rewriting, we hope to gain a deeper sense of the larger and potential meanings of a work, as well as the conditions that limit and inform our interpretations.




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